Memories of Iceland


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Artist’s description:

Size: 125 x 125 x 4cm

An original one-of-a-kind abstract landscape.
Capturing the beauty and the contrast of icy cold landscape and hot springs with a unique expression of an artist’s vision.
Layers of colors and the artist’s recognizable work with a palette knife create a gentle texture that allows lower layers to come to the surface. Main colors: shades of blue, green, Venetian pink, yellow, anthracite black, and silver

Professional acrylics on a loose triple primed canvas.
The size of the canvas:136 cm x 136cm.
Actually painting: 132 x 132cm

After you have it stretched by any local framer onto a deep edge ( 4cm thick) blind frame, the painting will be 125 x 125cm. This way the painting will cover the edges as well.

Sent in a tube.

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